Mufti vouches to safeguard Jammu and Kashmir’s interests in the coming polls


‘PDP Patron promises political, economic, social transformation if voted to power; Horticulture Technology Mission, National Saffron Mission to be rejuvenated to increase production, post-harvesting management’
Srinagar: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed today said the upcoming Assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir are not about just the change of governance, but these polls would mark the beginning of a process for political, economic and social transformation in the State.
“The upcoming polls to the State Assembly are politically very significant and the people should use this opportunity to give a positive turn to the situation which has witnessed immense deterioration during the past six years of anarchic rule,” Mufti said while addressing a PDP workers convention of Pampore assembly segment here.
The party president, Mehbooba Mufti; Zahoor Ahmad Mir, MLA and candidate for Pampore assembly constituency; Abdul Latif, district vice president Pulwama, and others were also present and spoke on the occasion.
He expressed the hope that the emancipated people of Jammu and Kashmir would use their vote vigilantly and elect a party which can address, with great resolve, the massive political and economic challenges facing the state. “The implications of the upcoming elections are beyond government formation and the results would be crucial to safeguard the interests of the state, resolution of Kashmir problem and securing the rights of the people,” he said and assured the people of a new value based politics and people-oriented governance model if PDP gets a strong mandate.
Mufti said given its rich natural resources, J&K could be one of the wealthiest states in the country. “J&K has been gifted with huge natural resource base in the shape of land, water, forests and minerals which need to be harnessed to create employment and wealth for the State,” he said and added that the State’s rich natural resources have sustained it throughout the 5000 years of its recorded history.
“There is no reason why we should have found ourselves to be a basket-case, perceived to be surviving on doles despite having the right mix of brilliant entrepreneurship and a sustainable resource base,” he said and added that PDP’s effort would be to restore JK’s economic glory by introducing a new policy of self-sustenance through proper land use and doing away with the deliberate attempt to convert Kashmir into a daily-wager society.
He said to rejuvenate the State’s economy to its fullest potential, J&K has to be linked up in as many areas as possible, so that there is not only a free flow of people and goods, but of ideas and cultures as well. “The people of the State have developed stakes in peace and political stability and they now want to reap the fruits of globalization and economic liberalization,” he said.
Mufti said PDP would ensure that JK’s enterprising young men and women have broad range of opportunities, through physical connectivity, economic connectivity and knowledge connectivity, so that they can get the real chance to find decent and productive employment.
Mufti said to make agriculture and horticulture sectors more viable economically, his party’s endeavor would be to create special export zone in Kashmir for saffron, apples, walnuts, almonds. “Saffron would be included in the futures and options market to reduce the risk and make it more profitable for the growers,” he said and added that his government’s focus would be bringing more areas under Horticulture Technology Mission and National Saffron Mission to increase production and post-harvesting management.
Expressing gratitude to the people for endorsing, PDP’s agenda of peace, stability and prosperity, Mufti said the party would strive towards according the people’s institutions their rightful place.

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