Mufti forgetting governance in the course of weeding out NC’s remains in administration



Mufti Mohammad Sayeed as a leader is considered as one of the rare politicians of J&K who know well enough to weigh reason and logic on all aspects before taking any decision. Lately, however the party is mustering criticism from every sphere because of Mufti’s rush to pursue his agenda disregarding the other fundamental factors that should be prioritized. The new government was expected of delivering the promised development in the economic, political and security sphere of J&K but lately the focus of the government has shifted to other issues.

Instead of strengthening his own brigade he is rather indicating his vindication of power in a not so emphatic manner. Rather than streamlining the functioning, Mufti Government has lately started axing Vice Chairmen of various boards as they had been appointed during the time of Omar Abdullah. Sacking of these position holders, Mufti is just conveying his vindictive attitude towards the previous government. Chief Minister Mufti should have rather given priority to make various commissions functional so that measures can be taken to ensure a nourished governance and active functioning of the administration instead of strengthening his own party’s presence in the administration.

Instead of considering the people related issues, the Government has terminated the services of Vice Chairmen of various advisory boards appointed by the previous government. According to separate orders issues by the General Administration Department, services of vice chairperson of  J&K State Advisory Board for Development of Gujjars and Bakerwals Chowdhary Bashir Naaz, Vice Chairperson of J&K State Advisory Board for Dveleopment f Pahari Speaking People Kafil Ur Rehman, vice chairperson of J Naaz, vice chairperson of J&K State Advisory Board for the Welfare and Development of Other Backward Classes Kuldip Raj, vice chairperson  of J&k State Advisory Board for Development of Kissans Radhay Sharma, vice chairperson of J&K State Advisory Board for the Welfare and Development of Scheduled Castes Swarn Lata have been terminated with immediate effect. Another order issued by GAD says that the appointment of Shamima Firduous, Chairperson J&K State Commission for Women shall also come to an end on March 15,2015. All these appointments had been made by Omar Abdullah led coalition government.

The new government has the authority of removing those who head various Boards and were appointed by the previous government but the government also needs to consider the fact that the priorities need to be fixed first. With this another hasty move of Mufti  he has indicated his rush to pursue his own agenda, the leader should have rather  focused on  many  boards and departments that are defunct from quite a long time, including the state’s Public Service Commission, Human Rights Commission, State Accountability Commission and Backward Class Commission. Undoing the wrong should be there but before the ratification that the government is pursuing, other factors are to be considered. The headless Public Service Commission is stalling the employment opportunities among the educated youth. State Accountability Commission is supposed to act as a watchdog for the state but is non functional from quite some time. The need of the hour is the re-strengthening and regenerating the accountability and integrity of other departments before weeding out the officials appointed by the previous government.

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