Mufti’s Day 1: Protest, Arrests, Stone Pelting Amid Shutdown


Srinagar: Amid shutdown called by traders, a series of protests were witnessed on the day durbar opened in Srinagar for its six months stint. Trade and political parties were out in protest, almost the same time, creating problems for the newsmen to cover the developments.

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Stone pelting broke out in Srinagar’s Maisuma Tuesday, which created chaos in the area as police resorted to tear-gas shelling. Eye witnesses said that some youth started pelting stones at police in the area—thus triggered panic in the area.

Stone pelting happened at a time when major parts of Srinagar are observing shutdown on Traders Federation call.

The shutdown has coincided with the opening day of summer Darbar — started today in Srinagar. Before assuming office Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed was given guard of honour.  Traders sponsored a strike in the city to protest the delay in compensating the losses caused by the floods. Though there were some efforts to reach out to the trade, the process last evening.

On Tuesday as officials and ministers were on their way to the secretariat, traders assembled in good numbers near the Budshah Chowk and were on their way to the civil secretariat when the police intervened. Cops burst smoke shells and chased them off the roads. Some of the trade leaders were arrested by the police. Traders call was observed mostly by the trade and not by the transport. All the schools and offices were open.

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