Mufti’s misuse, BJP’s relent- the frail alliance continues to crack



Not even one thing since the formation of PDP-BJP government, has turned out in favour of the alliance, leaders or even the people of J&K. Even after the BJP was accused of keeping mum on the core issues that demanded attention as well as a threadbare debate, the party continues to play the timid role. The BJP strategy of wooing the voters is now plainly coming up just as Ram Madhav said, “to break the jinx” and not even a bit more than that.  The party itself is fragmented to the core and even the state leadership is not in communion with the Centre leadership, let alone with the alliance cadre holding a rather varied ideology.

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From Mufti’s speech of acknowledging the terrorists, Separatist cadre and the neighbor friend Pakistan for the peaceful session of elections to the ill act of raising Pak flag and sloganeering against the India, BJP has given the party enough leverage to misuse their silence and their inefficient control in the partnership. Apparently BJP is more engaged in the talking than doing and Mufti, in the course of wooing the opponents is considering no limits or extremes. The issues that had been left unplumbed and were thrown in the cold storage to be dealt later are the ones cracking the frail alliance even more now.


The parties vowed to work in unison for the development and empowerment of the state but apart from the controversies, J&K has not witnessed anything else in the span of 48 days. Terror attacks became rather frequent, anti-national elements like Masarat Alam were released in the name of freeing the political prisoners, Geelani’s directions became important to the valley people as well as Mufti, the issue of migrants and refugees found no more room than in the high talk debates, regionalism accelerated and the dejection of the Jammu region continued as before. The PDP leaders condemned the Central leadership for interfering in State affairs and made clear that the rest of the India should rather have no authority on Kashmir. The soft policies of the PDP towards the anti national insurgents need a stop and so does the passivity of the BJP. The stormy alliance is proving a failure with one end being so passive and inactive and the other taking rather every advantage of the silence. The BJP leadership needs to act steadily and responsibly to eliminate this ongoing abuse of the alliance.

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