Mufti’s son likely to play political role in PDP, might fight elections from Anantnag

There is strong speculation that Mufti Mohd Sayeed’s son Tassaduq Hussain Mufti, who happens to be younger brother of Mehbooba is likely to be introduced in party, and state politics. Once Mehbooba takes the oath of Chief Ministership which she has steadfastly refused to elicit some promises from BJP, junior Mufti could fight the first election of his life from Anantnag parliamentary constituency.Fateah Khwani) of Former Chief Minister Mufti

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Tassaduq is basically a cinematographer who works in the Bollywood, and has base in Bengaluru, and Mumbai. However, sources said that once the Anantnag parliamentary seat is vacated by Mehbooba, her brother will be asked to fight from there as the family would like to keep the seat safe. The indications that Mufti’s son could get a role in the party comes from the fact that despite having no political background, he was part of the core group which met in Srinagar after the demise of Mufti to discuss government formation.

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PDP leaders said that they had known Tassaduq for his creativity but he had shown little interest in politics. However, with Mehbooba holding on to his brother strongly at every event is pointing to the fact that a political role is being carved out for him in the PDP’s scheme of things. Mehbooba also would want some role for his brother in the party to ensure that the hold of Muftis remains strong on both the government, and the party.

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