Multi Level Parking in GDC Srinagar bearing minimum basic health facilities

Image Courtesy: Early Times News

Srinagar, August 19: The Goverment Dental College (GDC) Srinagar nowadays gives the look of a grand hotel or a sprawling shopping mall but unfortunately basic facilities are missing at the hospital. The funds meant for the development of GDC Srinagar have been diverted to construct the multi-level parking which is more suited to the shopping malls or hotels but not for a college and its associated hospital. The health minister of the state, Ch. Lal Singh has been invited to inaugurate the multi-level parking in the coming days.
As per sources the condition of the hospital is so wretched that even the basic medical investigations are not being carried out there. There are no injections for the patients and the medicines are also out of stock thus pushing patients to the wall. Orthopentogram (OPG) machine was badly hit by the devastating flood of September 2014.
Sources said that money meant for carrying out repairs of OPG machine were not utilized and the authorities also failed to procure the new machine for the betterment of patients. They said the patients are suffering like anything and they have to go to the market for doing things that could have been done at the GDC Srinagar.
“In all the disciplines of the college at least 35-40 X-rays are needed to be carried out on a given a day. Since the OPG machine is lying defunct the patients have to move outside for carrying out the X-ray. In the market it costs them Rs. 600 to carry out the X-ray while as same would have been done at cheap rate in the college where all the dental facilities should have been available,” said sources.
Because of the miserable condition of Dental College, funds under Disaster Management programme were allocated to Government Medical College, Srinagar and GDC Srinagar. Although, the funds were properly utilized at GMC Srinagar the same was not case with GDC Srinagar where the system of checks and balances was not followed,” sources told Early Times.
“In a dental college as well as hospital crown and bridge facilities are very important and they hold key to the success of a dental college which is also not available. But the principal Dr. Riyaz Farooq just busy to impress the health minister by constructing the multi-level parking.
It is also pertinant to mention here that an FIR already stands registered against Dr. Riyaz Farooq after he purchased Orthopos dental machine at exorbitant rates for GDC Srinagar. The file regarding sanction for prosecution against him is pending and hopefully this time it would be approved so that the Principal GDC Srinagar is shown ‘exit’. It is expected that his name figures in the list of officials who are all set to be shown door by the present coalition government.

Image Courtesy: Early Times News