Mumbai policeman’s wife killed: Missing son tracked to Rajasthan


Mumbai, May 25: The Rajasthan Police on Thursday detained Siddhant D. Ganore, the prime suspect in the killing of his mother Dipali, the wife of a Mumbai policeman who was one of the Sheena Bora murder investigators, at their Santacruz home on Wednesday, an official said here.

“We had a tip-off that the boy had left for Jaipur and we sent a police team to apprehend him. In Jaipur, we learnt that he had left for Jodhpur, some 340 km away, and was staying in Hotel Dhoom there,” said a Mumbai Police spokesperson.

Accordingly, the Mumbai team sent pictures of the suspect and requested Jodhpur police to detain him till they reached there.

The Jodhpur police swooped on the hotel early on Thursday and took Siddhant into custody where he has reportedly confessed to killing his mother, but Mumbai Police declined any comment.

According to his preliminary statement to Jodhpur police, Siddhant was irritated by frequent quarrels between his parents and apparently got enraged after his mother refused to give him some pocket money.

A sum of Rs 200,000 was also reported missing from the house after Siddhant disappeared from the scene of crime.

According to the autopsy report, Dipali, 41, was killed between 8-9 p.m on Tuesday night and her body discovered around 3.30 a.m on Wednesday by her husband, Inspector Dnyaneshwar Ganore of Khar police station, when he returned home.

Beside the body, a gory note was etched in her blood saying “Tired of her. Catch and Hang me” and a smiley was drawn below it.

Siddhant, 20, went missing since Tuesday night and his phone was also switched off, but police managed to track him down to Jodhpur.

He is likely to be placed under arrest there and later brought to Mumbai on a transit remand to face charges.

Police have already recovered the murder weapon, a kitchen knife, from their Santacruz flat.

After the autopsy, Dipali’s body has been taken to Nashik for the last rites on Thursday, an official said.

Ganore was a member of the crack team headed by former Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria which probed the sensational Sheena Bora murder before it was taken over by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

In August 2015, the team had arrested the victim’s mother Indrani Mukerjea, her former husband Sanjeev Khanna and former driver Shyamwar Rai — who later turned an approver and was pardoned by a court — followed by the arrest of former media tycoon Peter Mukerjea in November 2015.

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