Mumbai woman wants to adopt abandoned Kashmiri girl


April 15: Two babies were abandoned and admitted to GB Pant Children’s Hospital a month ago, an unmarried businesswoman from Mumbai has approached the court in Kashmir with an application for adopting the girl. The girl is suffering from Down’s syndrome.

Two babies who are at present admitted to GB Pant Children’s Hospital in Srinagar was approched by no one from the state.

On March 15, the High Court directed the Medical Superintended of GB Pant Children’s Hospital to take all necessary steps to look after the two infants, who were abandoned by their parents and were at present put up at the city hospital.

Batliwala mentioned that for long she had been thinking to adopt a baby for care, but after reading about the two abandoned babies at the Srinagar hospital, she thought that she could take care of the baby girl, suffering from Down’s syndrome, in her application.

Batliwala, a business graduate, submitted that she was single and a partner in a London-based software company.

She is capable of taking lifelong care of the baby and ready to take expenses for the girls treatment was mentioned in her record which she submitted to High Court

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