Murder of a girl: Jammu must revisit old values to save it’s young from vices

Image Courtesy-Online Media Sources
24 arrest of a Jammu based couple in the abduction, and subsequent murder of a young girl in Jammu should set the alarm bells ringing. The couple has made startling revelations about how they had involved the girls to run a prostitution racket in and around the city.

For once it points to the failure of the police authorities as well the civil society in Jammu which has failed to spot the aberrations in the fast changing social mores and strains in the moral fabric. The young boys and girls are dazzled by the materialistic and consumerist values, and as such want to live life in the fast lane. Prostitution, drugs, and crime are the symptoms which represent the failing moral values which our society cherishes, and pronounces regularly to cherish at every pulpit be it religious or political.

A large number of young boys and girls from different parts of the state visit both Srinagar, and Jammu to pursue studies, work in different private companies, and organizations because there are no opportunities and facilities to do so in the rest of the state. These youth are particularly susceptible to falling in the trap of criminals looking to push their call girl rackets, drugs, and other forms of malicious activities because these kids don’t have parents, and families looking over their back. Self-control is the only check which they can apply but in today’s world where glamour, and lifestyle is the buzzword and spending more money on branded clothes, mobile phones, shoes, and similar such thing makes you look cool in your grip. No doubt people also get involved because of the circumstances but there is no reason to believe that human trafficking, poverty and other such reasons could be behind girls and boys taking to immoral activities.

Both Jammu and Srinagar have become large cities, there is too much commerce going on, and there is lot money that is being generated in business, and other activities. Those whose pockets are flooded with cash are also looking out for some fun, change, and enjoyment which is different, and this could be in terms of call girls, betting, and drugs. But the people who seek such thrills must remember that their indulgence could scar someone forever. In the latest case, used to take local girls in confidence, even visited their homes, and finally push them into prostitution.


It is time for parents to rethink the social values which they impart to their children, and to make them aware of pitfalls of too much consumerism. Back to the traditional values should be the slogan if we want no repeat of such incidents.