Musharraf vindicated BJP’s stand on Kashmiri Muslims: Hari Om



Dismissing the under-trial former Pakistan President Gen Pervez Musharraf as a rogue and war-monger, Prof Hari Om, Political Advisor to BJP State President Jugal Kishore Sharma (MP), on Friday said that Musharraf exposed himself and his men in the political and military establishments by saying that Kashmir was waiting to be incited. General Musharraf vindicated the age-old stand of the BJP that an overwhelming majority of Muslim population in Kashmir was peace-loving and opposed to the scourge of terror and politics of separatism, based on religious fanaticism, said Prof Hari Om, adding that what he said needed to be used as a god-sent opportunity by New Delhi to further corner the already thoroughly discredited and isolated Pakistan. 

 “The statement of Gen. Musharraf, mastermind of Kargil misadventure, that ‘Kashmir is waiting to be incited’  was an open admission that it was Pakistan and its spy agency, ISI, besides terrorists like Hafiz Saeed, who are directly responsible for the sectarian strife and anti-India troubles in Kashmir. The BJP had all along held the view that people of Kashmir were peace-loving and had full faith in the Indian political system. It was Pakistan and its agencies which bribed mercenaries, self-seekers and enemies of Kashmir like Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Yasin Malik, Shabir Shah and a few others of their ilk to unleash misinformation among Kashmiri Muslims to arouse sectarian passions, create ill-will between them and New Delhi and provoke anti-India protests. Pakistan exercised its baneful influence in certain pockets of the Valley through these pernicious elements and disturbed the socio-religious and political equilibrium in Kashmir,” said Prof Hari Om, adding that had the successive Congress-led governments in Delhi and NC and NC-Congress governments in the state nipped the evil in the bud, the situation in the Kashmir Valley today would have been somewhat different.

“The Congress, the NC and their policy of appeasement directly helped Pakistan play its nefarious games in the Valley with the help of the likes of Geelani,” Prof Hari Om further said, and added that it was one of the reasons that the enraged electorate decimated both the parties in the recently-held Lok Sabha elections. He asserted that the nation under the inspiring and visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi would comprehensively defeat the Pakistani evil designs and produce a moral effect in the Valley to ensure that the anti-nationals like Geelani didn’t dare to play dirty games in the Valley.

Regarding the Musharraf’s provocative and highly irresponsible statement that lakhs of Pakistanis were willing to fight for Kashmir and Islamabad was prepared for war with India, Prof Hari Om warned him and those who control political and military establishments in Islamabad that any attempt on their part to snatch Kashmir from India by force or through other means would only hasten the process of disintegration of the already fast-crumbling Pakistan. They would do well to revisit 1971, when the Indo-Pak war of that year culminated in the establishment of an independent and sovereign Bangladesh out of Pakistan, he said, adding that the Indian nation knows how to tackle the hostile nations.

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