“Music has no boundaries”, says Santoor sensation after a video went viral


A melodious rendition of Pakistan’s National Anthem by two budding Kashmiri musicians on traditional instruments has gone viral on social media in the Valley. The video is spreading like a forest fire through Whatsapp groups and has become particularly famous for its melodious rendition on santoor and rabab by Umar Majeed (18) and Zubair Ahmad (22). The video shared on Facebook page ‘Culture de Kashmir’ on Monday morning has been viewed over 100k times and has elicited thousands of likes.

This Video Is breaking The Internet…No Motive, Just Music: Kashmiri Local Boys Of Srinagar Playing The National Anthem of Pakistan on traditional Kashmiri instruments, Santoor N Rabab..So nyc to hear It… Heart touching… Umar Majeed

Posted by Culture de Kashmir on Sunday, February 5, 2017

“Music has no boundaries. Musicians are ‘azad’. It is our work and we will be of no worth without music. There is no other motive to my rendition of Pakistan’s national anthem,” said Umar Majeed, who has played the santoor. The Pakistani national anthem was been written by Hafeez Jullundhri and its music was composed by Ahmad G Chagla in 1949. “Music is in my body and soul but there are many youth like me who have no idea of Kashmir’s folk music. Many people called me to ask what instruments we were playing in the video. They know everything about guitar and western instruments but have no idea about our own instruments,” he said. Majeed is now mulling a musical rendition of the Indian national anthem.

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