Muslim man helps installation of idol in Valley temple

Srinagar, October 22: It was because of a Muslim Man Ghulam Qadir, the temple at the Yatri Bhawan in Lal Chowk, Srinagar reverberated with the sounds of conch shells and vedic hymns after 25 years.

The man helped in the installation of the idol of Maa Durga inside the temple after which a group of Kashmiri Pandits held a ’Murti Sthapana’ prayer.

“The temple already had a small idol, but now, we have installed a large ‘murti’ after 25 years which was bought from Jaipur,” said Sharad Khosla, who runs a religious organisation ‘Sanatan Dharam Pratap Sabha’ and organised the puja.

With all praises for Ghulam Qadir, Sharad said brotherhood between the two communities has been there since ages. There is no love lost between the two communities. Those (who attack people in the name of religion) should cleanse their minds.

“I was working here (on a construction of a building) when they got this idol. It was heavy, so I went up to help them and lent my hand,” Qadir said.

He also said that the place might look communally divided but if you look at the ground level, this is one very common incident. People here help each other without thinking about religions. It has been here since ages. The world needs to see that we live peacefully here.

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