Muslim woman names newborn ‘Narendra Modi’ in UP


LUCKNOW: It seems the Modi wave has gripped everyone alike in India. In a manifestation of this sway, a Muslim woman has named her newborn ‘Narendra Damodardas modi’ in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh.

The family of Mainaz Begum in Parsapur Mahraur has filed an affidavit to get the newborn’s name registered, after failing to convince her against it.

Mainaz Begum came up with the idea of naming her newborn after PM Modi as the probable names for the boy were being discussed amongst the family members on May 23, the day Narendra Modi secured a thumping victory in Lok Sabha election 2019.

Meanwhile, people around her tried to persuade Begum to change her mind, but she was determined, her father-in-law said. When her husband Mushtaq Ahmed, who works in Dubai, got to know, he too tried to talk her into dropping the idea, but gave in to his wife’s wish in the end.

“My son was born on 23 May, I called my husband who is in Dubai and he asked ‘Has Narendra Modi won?’ so I named my son Narendra Modi. I want my son to do good work like Modi ji and be as successful as him,” Menaj Begum said.

The family eventually filed an affidavit addressed to the district magistrate and gave it for submission with the Assistant Development Officer (panchayat) Ghanshyam Pandey. When contacted by the news agency, Pandey confirmed the receipt of the affidavit on Friday.

The officer informed that the application has further been sent to the village panchayat secretary, who takes care of the registration regarding births and deaths. “Action will be taken as per the law,” he told the news agency.

Mainaz Begum, in the affidavit praised Modi and his government’s welfare schemes, which includes providing free cooking gas connection to the poor and financial aid to construct toilets. “He is doing very good work for the country,” the woman said in the affidavit. She also lauded PM Modi for his initiative to end triple talaq. Furthermore, the woman’s father-in-law has said that “naming the newborn was the family’s private affair and no one should interfere in this.”

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