Muslims are being used against Islam: CM


Jammu and Kashmir News

Srinagar, July 5: Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti was on her formal tour of the city where she inaugurated three community halls one each at Natipora, Safakadal and Gangbug.
During her tour of the city, she spoke to the people gathered around and her speeches mostly revolved around the twin instances of violence in Saudi nations over the last couple of days. She expressed her concerns regarding the attack on the two most sacred places of their religion – the Holy Kaaba and Masjid-e-Nabvi, that killed four security officials and injured several others.
The CM condemned the two destructive incidents in the Saudi city of Medina. She mentioned the fact that instances like these cannot be the handiwork of groups like ISIS. She further added that some big power is using Muslims across the globe to de-stabilize the Muslim countries.
Evidently, the CM of the state believes that instances like these indicate a larger conspiracy against the Muslims worldwide. She added that it is now up to the members of the community to ponder over these conspiracies and decide for themselves. It would largely depend on how the Muslims channel their conscience and resolve to not become the tools at the disposal of the Masters and malign their own faith.
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