Muslims perform the last rites of a Hindu woman in Kashmir

JAMMU, Mar 22: Members of the Muslim community in Kashmir set up an example of communal harmony by performing the last rites of a Hindu woman at Nawa Kadal.

Muslims perform the last rites of a Hindu woman in Nawa Kadal
Doora Pajnu (65), wife of Omkar Pajnu, breathed her last on Sunday evening. The only remaining members of her family are her son and her husband. After the news of of her passing became known, people from majority community called an emergency meeting of management committees of Masjid Sharief Khanqah-e-Sokhta and Masjid Sharief Syed Muhammad Mosvi to finalise arrangements for last rites of the woman.

The arrangements for last rites were finalised by Moulana Abass Ansari and his son Moulvi Masroor Abass Ansari.

The last rites were performed at Karan Nagar cremation ground.

Several Muslims were also present on the occasion.

“It is anyone’s duty to reach out to their neighbour in the time of grief,” said an Imam of Masjid Sharief at Nawa Kadal.

“We have shared joys and sorrows with Kashmir Pandits. The dead woman was like our own family member,” said Zamir Ahmad of Khanqah-e-Sokhta.

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