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My only dream is to make Jollywood, Jammu’s own film and TV industry- Atul Vinod Duggal

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Born and brought up in Jammu, Atul Vinod Duggal- Founder, MD, CEO at Duggal’s Software & Services Pvt Ltd (DSS) always has an appetite for camera and its related work. Atul Vinod Duggal is a Film Maker. He loves films and he lives for films and his only dream is to give the film and TV industry in Jammu, a nationwide recognition.

Since very beginning he wanted to become filmmaker and thus after finishing his school, he went to Delhi to complete graduation in mass communication and business administration to give his dream practical shape. For AVD, modest education was never enough and this led to work with UTV network to gain experience before venturing out on his own.

Making films was a sort of childhood dream for AVD. As a kid, he used to watch TV and wonder what happened behind the camera. The world behind the camera appeared to excite me, which later led me to opt for a career in photography.”

He worked as an assistant director & video editor in scores of television shows for UTV from 2008 to 2010. He also edited various TV shows. He called that period a golden one of his life as he, got to work with many experienced people and learned a lot about in the field of entertainment industry.

In my struggling days, “The time I started working, Jammu had almost no TV or film in industry. There was a time when I had no work, no money. But my positive attitude and belief in myself kept my hopes booming. I got my first project as video editor for just Rs.50 per hour”, AVD stated.

AVD always wanted to work in City of Temples and after earning experience for 15 years, AVD came back and started his own production house. He has produced scores of music videos in Hindi, Dogri and Punjabi. He has been working in the pursuit of making Ad films, documentaries, short films for local and some national channels.

DSS group is working on its upcoming projects that includes documentary on Shri Amarnath Yatra, Hindi Feature Film, Ishq Kills and Anamika MMS. Atul Vinod Duggal is all set to launch Punjabi Channel A Plus Media (Punjab). A Punjabi music video named “Muddtan” is all set to hit screens and all the shooting has done in Jammu only. “I hope that “Muddtan” will definitely mesmerize audience once it will be released”, he added. He said that appreciation of work boosts up the morale of people associated with any project. “Government must make up policies for the uplift of TV and Film industry in Jammu and Kashmir. There is no dearth of talent with passion of joining TV industry but there is utmost need on the part of government to come with policies and programs”, AVD stated.

“Making films was a sort of childhood dream for me. As a kid I used to watch TV and wonder what happened behind the camera. The world behind the camera appeared to electrify me, which later led me to opt for a career in camerawork.”

I love my city, “I went outside only to learn the technicalities related to camera work in TV and film industry and now I am using that experience to serve the entertainment industry in Jammu. There are scores of people like me in Jammu who wanted to pursue their career in film and TV industry, I just want to give them that prospect right at their own native city”, AVD said. “My only dream is to make Jollywood, Jammu’s very own film and TV industry and I am working on that,” AVD added.

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