Myanmar releases 80 more child soldiers



Yangon:  Myanmar has released 80 more child soldiers from military services and they were handed back to their parents, an official report said Tuesday.

The 80 minors constitute the 8th batch freed by the army since 2012, Xinhua reported.

The move signified the Myanmar military’s commitment to ending recruitment of under-age children as soldiers.

Myanmar’s armed forces last released 109 child soldiers from military service in Yangon in September this year.

The latest release has brought the total number of minors discharged from military service to 553.

Under a programme of protecting under-age children from military service, Myanmar signed an 18-month action plan with the UN’s Country Task Force on Monitoring and Reporting in 2012, which was renewed to another six months in December 2013.

It is reported that action has been taken against more than 319 military officers for breaking recruitment rules.

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