In power BJP should ensure completion of Jammu International Convention Centre



Jammu which becomes the hub of all activities during the winter months in the state suffers from lack of adequate facilities to hold numerous seminars, conferences, banquets, and other large events because the city does not have a world class convention, and exhibition centre on the lines of Srinagar. In Kashmir valley the government obviously built the Sheir I Kashmir International Convention Centre but forgot it’s duty to do the same in Jammu because all resources, and plans have revolved around valley in the last 60 years.

This region has always received step motherly treatment both from the state government as well as Delhi despite the fact that this region has ensured that J&K remains an integral part of the Indian nation. Despite that the people fail to understand why the governments in Delhi keep on overlooking their rights but have no qualms in appeasing one region, and one section of population.

Jammu has a strong need for a convention centre as it could serve as the hub of spiritual, cultural and art life in the winter capital and provide quality facilities all the year around. Its sad that while SKICC in Kashmir was built in the eighties, the government has not thought it fit to build a convention centre in Jammu despite the city growing in leaps and bounds. In fact the peope had hoped that the new BJP government will ensure the end of discrimination with the people of Jammu but this also is not happening.


It must be recalled that work on Jammu International Convention Centre began in 1998 but has not reached anywhere in the last two decades. Funds were diverted, and little money was made available for this project as a result of which the deadlines have been breached one after the other. It is now time for BJP to take up this project on priority and ensure that this convention centre is completed soon to win back the heart of it’s vote bank which is slipping because of it’s silence on crucial issues.