Naeem Akhtar stands by his decision, says Sloganeering and protest doesn’t scare

Amid ongoing protests and controversy over the screening test of Rehbar-e-Taleem teachers in the state, Naeem Akhtar, Education Minister has stated that the decision has been take to bring the education sector on track. The decision doesn’t intend to disgrace the teaching community, he added.

He also said that the future of the students in the state is a serious matter of concern and for that it is important to conduct the test. He said, “I have to take care of 24000 schools and there are over 1,40,000 teachers. If a budget of Rs 6,000 crore has been set apart by the government, It is my duty to produce position holders from government schools. If I fail, I have no right to be the Education Minister and it is a shame for me.” The ultimate aim, being the Education Minister is to bring the education sector on the right track and the protest and sloganeering are not going to scare him, he expressed.

Despite Akhtar’s resistance to roll back the order, the teachers across the valley continued their agitation for the third continuous day against the government’s decision to conduct proficiency test of all ReT and general line teachers in Jammu and Kashmir. Protest call was given by Qayoom Wani who spearheads the Teachers Forum Kashmir and the call was also supported by Rehbar-e-Taleem Teachers from Jammu and Kashmir led by Farooq Ahmad Tantray. A demonstration was staged across the state by the teachers who cautioned that the agitation will be continued till the order is rolled back. “They are disrespecting us by doubting the credibility of teachers,” added one of the protesters.

The controversy aggravated after the government took the decision in reference  to the High Court order issued on May 14 after an ReT applicant failed to write an essay on cow and couldn’t solve a mathematics question of primary standard.

After the order, the Education Minister directed the Education Department to conduct the test of all teachers in the state which received strong opposition from the teaching community who are resisting the government’s move.


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