Nagbani School Case: Complaint against female teacher at Domana police station

Jammu, June 01: The MHAC Nagbani case which has been the talk of town for the last three days revolving around charges of sexual Harassment by the Principal of the school. The charges were pressed by a primary teacher employed by the school, Mrs Surinder Paul Kaur.

However, teachers some of whom, have been employed with the school for over 2 decades called a press conference yesterday supporting the Principal saying that he is a man with a clean image and it is infact the teacher who has been playing foul.

The teachers have lodged a complaint with the Domana police station and here is the full text of the submission.

Dated :- 31-05-2016
Police Station, Domana

Sub: Complaint of Harassment against Mrs Surinder Paul Kaur, Primary
Teacher, MHAC School ,Nagbani-Jammu.


We all teachers of Maharaja Harisingh Agricultural Collegiate School, Nagbani Jammu (Tawi) file a complaint against Mrs Surinder Paul Kaur, for Harassing & threatening most of us on regular basis. Her written letter dated 13.05.2016 addressed to Supervisory Head Mrs Sunita Jamwal, is another proof of her quarrelsome behavior, threatening approach & giving harassment to others. (Complete correspondence is attached).Contents of her threatening letter, clearly speaks of her dictatorial approach & negative attitude with other Senior teachers, even with the supervisory Head.
Her registration of FIR against the Principal is another step of giving harassment to others, for her personal agenda & satisfaction.

Most of us have known Principal Alok Betab for more than 27 years. His behaviour with female staff members has been impeccable & above reproach. We condemned such false allegations mady by Mrs Surinder Paul Kaur in the strongest words & request you to take action against the lady under law.

Mrs Surinder Paul Kaur is in the habit of putting allegations & blames on other without any logic & proof. Her attitude & behaviour with the colleagues is harsh & many a times intolerable. She also threatens staff members, misbehaves & shows no co-operation during the routine discharge of duties. Although she sits in the staff room, but no one feels comfortable with her, due to her harsh & problematic attitude.

Mrs Surinder Paul Kaur, has a long history of problems & episodes ever since her joining in the school. She started tendering apologies to the school from the year 2007 for her irresponsible behaviour.
In the year 2009, she applied for one year Ex-India leave, with a request that she is to stay with her husband who was posted in Dubai. In fact she does not reached Dubai & instead remained disappeared for about 6 months, speaks the type of person she is.
In the year 2010 her annual increment was with held by the school.

In 2013, she again expressed regrets in writing for her irresponsible behaviour. In 2014 school received a serious complaint from parents against this lady staff.
With this back ground, the trouble (her conflict with school authorities) started with in Aug/Sept – 2014
A brief note :-

She applied for Ex-India Leave on 07-07-2014 & the case was forwarded to DAV HQ’s Delhi on 08-07-2014.
Leave case without approval was sent back by the DAV CMC, New Delhi with few observations.
She came a day late & even was allowed to join duty on the same day i.e, 26-08-2014. She was also give a letter that your leave is not yet approved & hence you are requested to deposit a fresh affidavit with required language & few documents for getting the post-facto leave approval for DAV CMC, New Delhi. Instead of submitting proper reply, she started writing threatening letters to the Principal, on 29-08-2014, 01-09-2014, 04-09-2014 & Principal kept on writing request & assurance letters (Record available)
She dispatched a complaint to DAV CMC Delhi on 06-09-2014 & to the SHO on 07-09-2014. Contents & allegations in all the letters written to Principal, to DAV CMC Delhi & to SHO, Dumana, were totally different.

In the year 2014, she also lodged a written complaint of Sexual Harrassment against the Principal with the SHO, Domana but when CCTV footage of the Principal’s office was seen, her false story came to the knowledge of all & there after she withdraw her complaint.

In her letter addressed to the SHO on 07-09-2014, she levied the most serious allegation of sexual harassment, but was proved totally false
Principal received a telephone call from one senior police officer of the Rank of IG on 04-09-2014 at about 8:40 pm. Recorded conversation is available, which proves that the Principal was being pressurized & threatedned not to ask for any affidavit. More over there was no mention by the Police Officer, regarding the alleged sexual harassment incident of 03-09-2014, further proves that the story was self created by the Complainant to pressurize the School Principal, not to ask for any revised affidavit.
She withdrew her complaint from Police Station two days later i.e, on 09-09-2014, mentioning there in, that the Principal was giving her mental harassment & not sexual harassment.
Chairman of the School Late Captain Dewan Singh, also wrote a letter to the President DAV CMC New Delhi, about the enquiry he did at local level & mentioned in his letter that Mrs Surinder Paul Kaur is not a trust worthy person & all allegations are totally false.

Complaints committee was constituted by the President DAV as per Vaishaka Guidelines & provisions of sexual harassment of women at work place Act-2013, which started a detailed investigation on 14-10-2014 in r/o the complaint. Investigation took more than 2 months time. Finding of the committee were totally against Mrs Surinder Paul Kaur & she was served a memo by the DAV HQ’s on 19-12-2014 that she should desist from making false allegations against her seniors, without any evidences.
Thereafter she went to the J&K State Commission for women on 26-03-2015. The contents of this letter dated 26-03-2015, speaks that the letter was drafted by some third person, with forged signature who did not know the name of school, whether the school is senior seconday or a high school etc.
J&K Commission for women issued summons without wasting an hour even & without gathering any information in this regard, deputed its Dak Runner, who delivered the summons to the Principal at Nagbani at about 1:00 pm on the same day i.e, 26-03-2015. In all other cases (information received thorugh RTI) summons were being sent by the commission through Registered post, even for a distance of 2 km(s). Where as Nagbani is bout 12 km(s) away from the commission office of Jammu.

Meeting was fixed by the commission on 01-04-2015 & copy of the complaint letter was given to Principal on the same day i.e, 01-04-2015. Principal presented some documents related with the case & the commission fixed next date of hearing. But surprisingly, no next date was informed& there after the commission wrote unilaterally to the DAV CMC New Delhi for the shifting of Principal without giving proper oppotunity to the Principal to defend his case.

DAV CMC, New Delhi, in its reply to the commission vide communication dated 21-07-2015, requested the commission to recall its recommendation regarding shifting of Principal in the interest of Justice, as during the 26 years of service management has never received any complaint against the Principal for his work & character. Above all, he was found innocent as per the complaints committee report of the DAV Head Office, New Delhi & also as per police report that no cognizable offence is made out by its investigation on the matter.
Mrs Surinder Paul Kaur, is not only giving harassment to the Principal, but all the other staff-members are equally & continuously being harassed by her.
Presently the matter is under the kind consideration of Hon’ble High Court of J&K

Today when investigation was expected, she is on unauthorised leave for two days.

We file this complaint against Mrs Surinder Paul Kaur for strict action under law.


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