Nagbani teachers come out in support of Principal

Jammu, May 31: The burning issue concerned with allegations of sexual harassment of a Primary School Teacher by the Principal of MHAC Nagbani School seems to be tilting in the Principal’s favour as today, a huge section of school teachers employed with the school openly came out in his support.

Nagbani Sexual Harassment case (1)

In a press conference called by the teachers of MHAC Nagbani, a teacher started with the news of sexual harassment which has been doing rounds for the last two days in Jammu city calling the story put forth by the complainant female teacher as fabricated.

Clarifying on the complaint by Mrs. Surinder Pal Kaur who joined the school in the year 2006, the teacher said that this is not the first time Mrs. Kaur has been centre of controversy. Mrs. Kaur has faced complaints by students as well as parents to which she has rendered apologies.

Mrs. kaur according had applied for a leave to go abroad in 2009 as well but it was not recommended by the authorities. As an act of vengeance, she delayed her joining adding to the woes of the students. She applied for an ex-India leave in the year 2014 as well which was rejected once again.

She took the leave none-the-less and delayed her joining by a day this time. For taking leave that was not recommended she was questioned by the authorities and this is when she pressed charges of harassment in response to which a committee by the DAV was setup which ultimately gave a clean chit to the Principal as there was no proof against the Principal. A memo was served to Mr Kaur by the DAV committee under the Vishakha Guidelines and she withdrew her complaint.
Nagbani Sexual Harassment case (2)

Elaborating on how the matter caught heat again, the teacher addressing mediapersons said that on the 25th of May, Mrs Kaur made another complain alleging that the Principal went to her room and that there was an argument between the two where Mrs. Kaur alleged that the Principal was forcing her to withdraw her case against him.

The teacher addressing the media persons said that this was a fabricated account since the Principal was sitting in a meeting with the regional director along with other teachers.

The teachers and management of Nagbani School said that Mrs Kaur in the most probably scenario would not be able to come up with a proof this time as well. The teachers said that there have been complaints against her in the past as well and that they are scared that Mrs Kaur may lodge complaints in future against the teachers as well.

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