Naked woman’s statue next to Mahatma Gandhi and Pt Nehru?


Jammu, August 9: No one goes to Bagh-e-Bahu anymore and that’s a sad thing considering it is the only one park in Jammu where the Floriculture department has utilized some time and energy in it’s upkeep.

However, we noticed something at Bagh-e-Bahu that should have ideally set anyone’s blood boiling leave alone of the authorities engaged in the Bagh’s maintenance.

Check this image clicked on July 28 by one of team members for instance

Naked Statue, Bagh-e-Bahu


This image by all means is reprehensible and should have landed someone in trouble for sheer negligence. When our team mate spoke to the photographers at the Bagh and other people who looked like the keepers, they said that these statues have been lying like these for over ONE decade.

Shocking right?

We visited the area again after two days to find the statue still in place and asked an official to kindly see to it that this embarrassing anomaly was corrected and the request was paid heed to.

Bagh-e-Bahu Naked Statue (2)

They removed the statue at U4UVoice’s behest.

So now this pic makes more sense and if you find anything like this worth reporting, do let us know. Let us together change Jammu for the better.