Nami Dogri Sanstha organises Geet Goshthi


Jammu, July 8: Nami Dogri Sanstha (Regd.) has organised a Geet Goshthi at Sewa Bharti Jammu which was presided by Dr. Krishan Lal, MLA, Khour.

Those who recited their Geets were Ramesh Chadha, M. S. Kamra, Naveen Pal, Som Raj Taroch, Shambu Ram Pyasa, Ashok Sharma, K. L. Deewana, Dr. Krishan Lal, Krishan Lal Mast, Sudha Chander Sharma, Sham Talib, Sham Parkash, Sulinder Singh, Yash Pal ‘Yash’ and Advocate Dogra Harish Kaila.

In the first instance Advocate Dogra Harish Kaila welcomed all the participants, Yash Pal Yash compered the programme and Ashok Sharma presented vote of thanks.

nami dogri sanstha1jpg

Dr. Krishan Lal in his presidential address said that Nami Dogri Sanstha (Regd.) is doing yeoman service for the development of Dogri language and Literature and appreciated all the participants. He further said that he attended such programme of Nami Dogri Sanstha for the first time and I read various times in newspapers about the Nami Dogri Sanstha (Regd.) and said that he will feel privileged to serve the Nami Dogri Sanstha (Regd.)

Advocate Dogra Harish Kaila, President, Nami Dogri Sanstha (Regd.) appealed to the Governor, J&K State to provide financial Assistance from Shri Mata Vasihno Devi Shrine Board to Nami Dogri Sanstha (Regd.) so that Sanstha may translate and publish some books so that Nami Dogri Sanstha (Regd.) enrich Dogri Literature. Hon’ble Governor, J&K State had given financial assistance to Sanstha which has only membership of 60. But who speak, understand and write Dogri are the worthy members of Nami Dogri Sanstha (Regd.)

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