Nanak Nagar Theft: The theft of Bulbs is not a first time event

Jammu, September 15: A video of a sub-inspector from the excise taxation department, has gone viral on social media and his face is clearly visible in the CCTV camera footage that shows him stealing two CFL bulbs. U4UVoice confirmed the reports of the location of this theft as Cost 2 Cost in Nanak nagar.

The time which is visible after looking closely in the video shows that this Sub-inspector is most probably on Night duty as he has not even bothered to change his uniform. The video further shows how he is quite at ease stealing the two CFL bulbs with all the time in the world. With hand in pocket, he is taking full stock of the area to see if someone is noticing him or not and the time is 1:48 am.

What the officercompletely missed out is these cameras which were placed right behind the bulbs. The brightness must have been such that the officer did not see the CCTV camera fitted right behind the bulb. See for yourself

Nanak Nagar Theft (1) Nanak Nagar Theft (2)

U4UVoice spoke to the owner of Cost 2 Cost in Nanak Nagar and found even more interesting details on the issue.

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