Live Updates from Prime Minister’s Narendra Modi’s Rally at Rajouri



The crowd broke out in heavy applause as Modi concluded his speech. The strength of crowd was equally warm as Prime minister scintillated  with his thunderous speech. What a spectacle!


5:20 p.m.: We want a clear mandate to bring Jammu and Kashmir at par with the rest of the country. These so-called ‘political  pandits’ are confused with your over-whelming response here and I want people of Rajouri to break all records of voter participation and come out and vote massively. I thank you.

5:10 p.m.: I want One India. I love Jammu and Kashmir as much as I love Gujarat. We want ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas’. We will develop with everyone. The bad days are gone and J&K’s good days have arrived. The massive participation from people of Jammu and Kashmir is over-whelming.  The mere press of a button on the EVM machines is very powerful. It’s first time that these elections is a world-wide talk and more famous than any other elections in India. Jammu and Kashmir’s elections are the most talked about by every politician in the world.

5:07 p.m.: Because the Jammu which saw mere 5-7 % of voter turn out, that very Jammu has now over 70% voter participation and you have provided the testimony of faith in the Democratic process as you have chosen ballots over bullets. You have only shown the way to rest of the country that democracy is the real power. And that is why, Jammu and Kashmir’s elections are the most crucial elections in the country.

5.04 p.m.: We will harness the hydro-power J&K can provide, we will install world’s highest solar power in Ladakh and we will resurrect the Tourism industry in the state; for the country wants to visit not only in Kashmir, but also in areas like these: Poonch, Kathua,etc. When tourism industry establishes, it encourages many small scale  industries. I want to revive tourism so that  it attracts not only national,but international tourists so that every single person may stand a chance at having employment because of it.

4:58 p.m.: We must stand up for the sacrifices of the police men alert in these areas. I ask you if Rajouri was connected to railway network, the transport of armies in the times of war would have been facilitated. The government only talked and stalled these projects. I want to complete these works I need your help in making ‘ Kalakote’ a heaven like ‘Kashmir’.

4:51 p.m.: I have come in July, August, September, October, November and now in December. I have come in 2014 and I will come in 2015 too. This is a land of sufis that connect the country in one fabric and I salute you. People wouldn’t even know where Rajouri is, but it is the people of this land that have taken bullet in their chest whenever Pakistan attacked India. The people of this land don’t have uniforms on their body, but they are equally strong as the soldiers of the country. I salute to these people.

4: 47 p.m.: Your sorrows are mine and I never get tired from working for my own people. When the floods came and washed away a bus full of passengers, I arrived that very day. Many innocents died and government doesn’t have any details or estimate of loss of human lives and properties till now. Would you want such a government?

4: 42 p.m.To seek blessings from people is equally important as it is from God. And I think no other leader would have had the fortune of seeking blessing from such a massive crowd. And it is your blessing that is my strength.

4:37 p.m.: I have come before I was a PM, CM; I used to participate in RSS events, used to visit border areas. People in few numbers of 50’s and 60’s used to come. I have seen many rallies but not this kind of crowd.

4:03 p.m.: In anticipation of the Modi’s addressal at the rally, a crowd of over 70,000 is present at the venue

The star campaigner of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP),Prime Minister Narendra Modi, will shortly address a poll rally in Rajouri district.

PM Modi spoke at length of over forty minutes. The just concluded rally at Kathua saw a massive turnout and Rajouri is expected to see an equally high number of people to join in.

This is Modi`s fourth poll campaign visit to J&K and his ninth visit to Jammu and Kashmir.

20 Assembly constituencies in the three districts of Jammu, Kathua and Rajouri  are going to poll in the fifth and ultimate phase of the J&K assembly elections on Dec 20. The results of Jammu and Kashmir elections will be declared on the 23rd of this month.

On December 16, PM Modi will address two more rallies. There will be one at MA Stadium in Jammu and another in between Billawar and Basholi constituencies. Jammu and Kashmir recorded a voter turnout of over 70 percent in the first and second phases of the five-phase Assembly elections. The third phase which also consisted of separatist fiefdoms, saw a major dip compared to the first two phases with 58 percent polling.

In J&K the polling percentage saw an increase from the 68.79 percent recorded in the 2008 Assembly polls.

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