National level Volleyball Player hacked to Death in front of Teammates


March 26: A national-level woman volleyball player was on Friday hacked to death, allegedly by a 20-year-old stalker, in West Bengal’s North 24 Parganas district.

The attacker reportedly hit 16-year-old Sangita Aich with a sickle several times and fled, said the Superintendent of Police.

Sangita Aich, pet name Tina and just over 16, was a class 9 student at a local school and an ace sports person. She was to play a match on Friday.

The alleged assailant, Subrata Singha or Raja, about 20 had met her, apparently on the volleyball field. He had proposed to her but his offer was turned down and it seems it did not go well with him.

The killing occurred in front of 25 volleyball players and three coaches. One of the coaches reportedly tried to come to Aich’s aid, but he was also attacked.

The girl’s coach, Swapan Das said he tried to save Sangita. When he saw Subrata rush towards her with the chopper, he grabbed the chair he was sitting on and tried to beat the youth back as Tina cowered behind him.


But then the girl ran, towards her house barely 100 metres away.  But she did not make it. Subrata caught up with her, felled her with a swing of the weapon, hacked at her several times and fled.

Some members of Sangita’s family are now claiming Subrata had threatened her in the past and the family had even gone to the police but no one followed up.

Subrata’s photo was identified from his Facebook account by Mr Das.


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