Natrang presents ‘Birbal Ka Buddhi Bal’


Jamm, May 31: This Sunday Natrang presented a new play ‘Birbal Ka Buddhi Bal’, the play was based on assorted stories of Akbar and Birbal which were filled with wit and humour. The play was directed by Neeraj Kant. The intellectual and comical content that too side by side in the play was a treat to watch for the audience. On the occasion Sh. Balwant Thakur, Director Natrang informed that Natrang is going to stage its landmark Dogri play ‘Bawa Jitto’ at Aghar in Aghar Jitto Mela on 2nd and 3rd of June, 2015, daily at 7:30 pm.


The play ‘Birbal ka Buddhi Bal’ presented before us many incidents where Birbal has amazed everyone with his wit. Though many courtiers were jealous of him and could not stand his praise but they could do nothing to him as whatever they do to tarnish the image of Birbal was turned opposite by the intelligence of Birbal. Even King Akbar gives him unachievable tasks and asks unanswerable riddles to him to check his wisdom but Birbal always comes up with a striking idea which was no less than a wonder for the King. On one such day, the courtiers of the King decided to show Birbal down by asking his some weird questions which could never be answered like, how many stars are there in the sky, where is the center of the earth and how many men & women are there on the earth but Birbal answered all the questions with unexpected answers and at the end they had to accept their defeat. Though the play made the audience laugh, but also expresses that whatever may be the situation, we must never lose hope and calm and shall always rely on our intelligence to come out of the difficult times.

Natrang young artists who performed in the play included Mahikshit Singh, Syed Muddassar, Shivam Singh, Rohit Kumar, Raghavendra Singh Chowdhary, Rohit Sharma, Sarwesh Gupta, Deepkal Mulsoo and Naresh Singh Chib. The lights were operated by Neeraj kant and Music was rendered by Kritika Singh. The show was coordinated by Mohd. Yaseen.