Natrang presents Hindi play ‘Poorav aur Paschim’

JAMMU: This Sunday, Natrang presented a Hindi play ‘Poorav Aur Paschim’ written by famous film comedian I.S. Johar and directed by Balwant Thakur in Natrang’s weekly theatre series, Sunday Theatre. The situational comedy and its appropriate presentation by the artists generated ample laughter amongst the audience.

The play ‘Poorav Aur Paschim’ showcased the contrast of beliefs between the east and the west world. Lala Ram Bharose and his wife are highly superstitious and on the contrary their married son and daughters believe in the reasoning, logics and scientific way of leading the life. A firm believer of horoscopes, stars and numbers, Ram Bharose is always surrounded by the palmists, fortune tellers and priests. Confusion starts in the family when a horoscope reader based on wrong information predicts the early death of Ram Bharose. He goes to the extent of telling him that his killer will come from the east side and will give him some substance of white color. In defensive Ram Bharose blocks all east entries to the house and start suspecting even his family members offering him anything in white. This behavior of his creates unhealthy environment in the family and life becomes hell for everyone. Despite all efforts of convincing him with scientific reasons and logics, he is not ready to buy anyone’s arguments in the family. One after the other incident creates high tension and Ram Bharose goes to the extent of beating and thrashing his family members. This funny drama attains anti-climax when horoscope reader visits the family again apologizing for telling him the fortune of someone else as he was mistaken by assessing some other date of birth. Finally the fortune teller is treated with a big thrash by all the family members of Ram Bharose.


Natrang actors who performed in the play included Yash Pal Manhas, Sudesh Parihar, Aishwarya Sathe, Pallavi Mathur and Kuldeep Angral. Lights were operated by Ankush Lakhnotra and Mahikshit Singh did the presentations. The show was coordinated by Mohd. Yaseen.

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