Natrang stages a Hindi play ‘’Lohaar Ki Ek’

Natrang staged a Hindi play ‘’Lohaar Ki Ek’ based on a play ‘Chhe Mahine Kaa Jhooth’ written by  Rishimohan Srivastav and directed and devised by Neeraj Kant at its Studio Theatre under the weekly series Sunday Theatre. A befitting farewell to this year’s last Sunday performance, this comedy play was ably structured to compliment the essence of the theme. Based on the story of a typical character who has a bad habit of making a false statement every day. This bad practice has not only invited annoyance of everyone around but he has suffered innumerous losses. This bad habit of his has not allowed any servant to stay and he is forced to mange his house on his own. Tired of handling all his affairs, he seeks the help from one of his friend to manage a domestic help for him. He brings a servant for him who has no problem of his telling lie once a day. While the terms are being fixed mutually, the servant informs that he also has the habit of telling lie but only once in six months. The servant somehow tries to adjust in the beginning but later also start finding it difficult to manage his unwarranted lies.

The story takes a turn, once in a dream the servant sees his master being looted of his valuables by a thief .The master takes this as an alarm to any such future incident and dispatches all his valuables to his native village through his servant and also desires him to bring the news of the wellbeing of all his love ones which include his wife, mother, young son, a horse and a pet dog. After some days the servant is back, master is very curious to know the wellbeing his love ones. Servant breaks the first bad news that his dog died while eating the bone of the horse and the horse died while bringing bricks for the graveyard of his mother. Before he could enquire the reason about the mother’s sad demise, the servant informs that old lady could not bear the shock of her daughter-in law’s death who committed suicide seeing her only son dead. Listening all this, the master goes to a big shock. Before he could take an extreme step, he rushes to his village. The dogs run to him from a distance, which follows the horse. Seeing the horse running, his son, wife and mother comes out of the house. Here master runs after his servant for giving him this big shock but the servant defends saying that don’t he remember of his telling a lie once in six months.


The actors who performed in the play include Deepak Mulsoo, Shekhar Sharma, Shivam Singh, Rohit Sharma and Ajay Singh. The lights of the play were designed and executed by Neeraj Kant. Mohd. Yaseen coordinated the show and the presentations were done by  Pankaj Verma.

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