Natrang stages ‘Duniyan Par Uss Bhaar Ni Bange’ in its Sunday Theatre series

Jammu: Natrang under its Sunday Theatre series staged Balwant Thakur’s new Dogri play ‘Duniyan Par Uss Bhaar Ni Bange’ at Natrang Studio Theatre. Written and directed by Balwant Thakur and assisted by Neeraj Kant, this highly relevant play to the times speaks about the cruelty being meted out to the mother earth in the hands of the present generation. Knowingly or unknowingly we are at war with Mother Nature and are destroying all its resources.

There is a famous legend, which claims that ‘Shesh Nag’ – a cobra has been supporting our earth upon its head from the very evolution of the universe. If the Shesh Nag were to feel tired of its burden or if it were overburdened, the earth would sink into the fathomless waters and a ‘Pralaya’ – a complete destruction would take place. The play is based on this conception. As the play starts, we find the Dev Raj Indera presiding over the court of Gods, as he enquires the welfare of the earth. The Narad comes in and state, “The beautiful earth is full of poverty, hunger and desperation”.  Dev Raj Indera is surprised to know all this, while Narad goes on to explain that illiteracy has tightened its grips upon the masses and unawareness has made them to live like beasts. Hunger prevails over the glove. Forests are being cut down, lakes and rivulets are drying out and on the other hand population is exploding fast. Indera goes excited enough to have a look at the earth. He finds the masses violently demanding their basic rights from the power brokers. He can see the mother “Nature” in cage and a terrible desperation upon her face. To relieve people of this pain, sufferings and desperation, Indera sends a saint to the World. He through his teachings makes the masses aware of the fact that they are getting to be burden upon this planet. He revolutionizes the situation and helps the people to get rid of exploiters. Finally, the people decide to improve upon their lives, the modes of life and not to become a burden on the earth. They pledge to conserve the Nature and make it worth living for generations to come.

The artists who participated in this play included Rahul Singh, Mohd. Yaseen, Rajan Thakyal, Aishwarya Sathe, Shivam Singh, Ankush Lakhnotra, Rishabh Sharma, Sachin Sharma, Vishal Sharma, Piyush Anand and Kuldeep Angral. The lights of the play was executed by Sumeet Sharma where as the show was coordinated by Brij Avtaar Sharma. The presentations were done by Pawan Verma.

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