Natrang stages ‘Ek Hi Mitti Ke Poot’

Natrang stages ‘Ek Hi Mitti Ke Poot’

Jammu, June 14: ‘Ek Hi Mitti Ke Poot’, a new play in Hindi which is based on a story by Ajeet Singh and dramatized by Gursharan Singh was presented here today at Natrang Studio Theatre in Sunday Theatre Series. The play was ably directed by Neeraj Kant. The play was very artistically designed and was well contained in the studio theatre space.

The play presents before us a village scenario where the harmony between the people of different status is being poisoned by a business minded man. A wicked person named ‘Sardar’ has bought some machines from the city to cut and shred the crops and thus he wants a feud between the land owner farmers and labourers , so that he can offer his machines on rent at higher rates. He has deployed two of his sycophants to fuel the flame in two different groups and instigate them against one another and initially his plan starts working as labourers waged and agitation to get their remuneration increased and on the other hand the land lords have decided to not allow any increase and on the contrary to outsource the labour. This could change the texture of the age old harmony of the village. But at the end, this destructive plan gets exposed in front of everyone in the village and people realize that how they were steered towards a false hostility just to satisfy someone’s ulterior motives and they teach an appropriate lesson to the culprit.

Natrang artists who performed in the play included Mahikshit Singh, Rajan Thakyal, Kritika Singh, Rohit Kumar, Sachin Bamba, Pankaj Verma. The lights of the play were designed and executed by Neeraj Kant whereas Rohit Sharma rendered the music of the play. The show was coordinated by Mohd. Yaseen and the presentations were done by Shivam Singh.

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