Natrang stages Hindi play ‘Soch’ in its Sunday Theatre series

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Jammu, Oct 11: This Sunday Natrang presented a thought provoking performance of Hindi play ‘Soch’ in its Sunday Theatre Series at Natrang Studio Theatre. The play was written and directed by Rahul Singh. The play carried a very clear message about cleanliness which was explicitly expressed by the actors and acknowledged by the audience through their affirmations and laughter during different scenes.

The play ‘Soch’ unfolds before us many situations where all our follies which are responsible for the unhygienic atmosphere around us. We all love cleanliness but no one loves to clean, this was shown through different scenes which carried sumptuous humour and sharp satire. Localities are so full of garbage that it is difficult to tell that weather there is garbage in the locality or locality in the garbage. People even avoid marrying their daughters to those families which are settled in such localities. People do not acknowledge the presence of Dust-Bins on the streets and shamelessly use the streets as Dust-Bin instead which adds on the assimilation of garbage on the roads which results in infection and diseases. Polythene bag, one of the leading causes of pollution, which is banned in the State, is still being used by the people as they just look at its utility but not at the hazards it causes to the atmosphere and our health in the same way even after knowing the consequences of smoking and drinking, people give a blind-eye to them and put their lives at stake in the pretext of habit. If we clean our house at the cost of spreading litter in our locality, we may never get our house clean because ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’ is a very relevant quotation in this context. Making our houses, localities, states and country clean is not a one day’s task; it is a massive exercise which is possible only if every-one does his/her part well in this direction. Cleanliness shall become our life-style and the shift of attitude of people about making India clean can really make India clean.

Natrang actors who acted in the play included Rajan Thakyal, Mahikshit Singh, Shivam Singh, Aishwarya Sathe, Pallavi Mathur, Vishal Sharma, Kuldeep Angral, Yash Manhas and Sudesh Parihar. The show was coordinated by Mohd. Yaseen and Neeraj Kant did the presentations.

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