Natrang stages new Hindi play ‘Bin Gharni Ghar Bhoot Ka Dera’


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Jammu, July 26: Natrang staged new Hindi play ‘Bin Gharni Ghar Bhoot Ka Dera’ written by Daya Prakash Sinha and directed by Neeraj Kant under its weekly series ‘Sunday Theatre’ at Natrang Studio Theatre, Jammu.  As the name suggests, the play beautifully portrays the fate of a bachelor who always looks for excuses to maintain the status quo citing numerous examples of failures in married life. Come what may he is not ready to succumb to any peer pressure and get into the business of marriage. In this backdrop, the play opens at the house of Akhil who is a bachelor and is shown confronting the life in absence of a sole mate. There is no excitement in life but he is not ready to give credit to for being single foe this miserable state of him. His life is totally disorganised and his domestic help adds more miseries to it just to prompt him to bring a life partner to put his life to a proper system. All his friends join hands with the domestic help and plan to push him to a situation so he could agree to get married. All their attempts fail to yield any result and on the contrary his convection to remain single strengthens further. His adamantness invites lot of troubles and he creates hell for himself. His friends and the domestic help create one situation after the other so as to enable him to see the facts of the life. Slowly he realizes that the system evolved by the society having tried and tested over hundreds of years has very important relevance in life and mentally prepares to get married. His friends remind him of a famous poem of Tulsi Daas ‘Bin Gharni Ghar Bhoot Kaa Dera’. But by the time he understands the facts of the life, much damage had already been done by his erratic behaviour.

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Rajan Thakyal as adamant bachelor was at his best and beautifully portrayed a very complex character. Roles of his highly concerned friends were played by Pankaj Verma, Deepak Mulsoo and Rohit Sharma.  Shekhar Sharma played as domestic help and Kuldeep Angral played as prospective Father-in-Law. Music of the play was scored by Shivam Singh and Kritika Singh Bhau did the presentations. The show was ably coordinated by Mohd. Yaseen.