Natrang stages ‘Pehli Saans Se Pehle’ in its Sunday theatre series

Jammu, Jan 31: “Pehli Saans Se Pehle” a poignant play written by Ravikant Mishr and directed by Rahul Singh was exhibited at Natrang Studio under Sunday theatre series. An intriguing performance was given by the actors on a topic which still exists in our society. Female foeticide is a practice which is still there and women are forced to kill there foetus by their families. The mental trauma which a female has to go through was depicted in the play in a very significant manner.

The story is based on a nuclear family, husband ‘Nirmal’ and wife ‘Rashmi’ who are happy in their lives and are already blessed with a daughter. A day comes when Rashmi finds out in her reports that she is expecting a baby girl and informs Nirmal about it. He being a very practical man just reminds Rashmi about the plan which they have made of one son and one daughter. She gets drenched in emotions after knowing that he wants her to abort the baby. This totally shatters her and she tries hard to make him understand that life doesn’t work on planning’s rather it works on feelings. But he being a rational man ignores her and stays strong headed at his decision and forces her to go see a doctor and get the baby aborted. This totally shakes her and leaves her torn in emotions. She doesn’t know where to go and what to do. She just gets lost in thoughts If all the fathers will start thinking like this then a day is not far when with the news of a baby girl fathers will start having fear, hatred and all sorts of negative things boiling up. Why every time a woman? Why always a woman has to fight for her child and her womb? Why always a woman has to go through the pain? She talks to her mother about it and her mother supports her and gives her strength which helps her take the decision of giving birth to her baby girl and that too at her mother’s place. The story ends with a very important message which she gives while leaving her house and the husband.

The actors who performed in the play were Aishwarya Sathe as Rashmi who successfully portrayed   a woman squeezed in emotions. Rahul singh as Nirmal equally complimented the performance. The lights were designed and executed by Shivam Singh. Music was played by Rajan Thakyal, Sets were designed by Vishal Sharma, the show was coordinated by Mohd. Yaseen and was presented by Sumeet Sharma.