The Navaratra Saga, Day 5: Sakandamata, the mother of a great warrior

By Rishav

The manifestation of the Goddess Durga on the Panchami (5th day) of Navratras is Mother Sakandamata. Sakandamata means Mata (mother) of Lord Sakanda. Lord Sakanda ,also known as Kartekya, was the son to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He was also chosen as the commander in chief of all the Gods in the battle against the demons.

5-Maa Skandamata
Legend: The legend goes that once there was a great demon ‘Tarkasur’ who did a severe penance. He mediatated on Lord Brahama and pleased him. When Lord Brahma appeared to him, he asked for immortality as a boon. Lord Brahma told him that no one born on this earth can be immortal as everybody who is alive is destined for death. Tarkasur, being cunning, thought that Lord Shiva will never get married and asked for the boon of death by the son of Lord Shiva. Lord Brahma granted it. Thinking of himself to be invincible, he started tormenting the people on earth. All the Gods then went to Lord Shiva and requested him to get married. Shiva then married Parvati who later gave birth to Lord Sakanda. Lord Sakanda came to destroy Tarkasur later on.

Depicton: Goddess Sakandamata is depicted to be bright and pleasant. She has three eyes and four arms. Two arms hold one lotus each. She holds Lord Kartekeya or Sakanda in her lap while her other hand is in a gesture of giving a blessing. She’s more oftend depicted to be seated in a lotus and hence called ‘Padamasini’. She also rides a lion. She is the testimony of motherhood and her blessing brings fulfilment of desires and enrichment. Her worship is also thought to bring twice the blessings, one from Goddess Sakandamata and also from Lord Sakanda who is seated in her lap. Her worshipers also develop a sheen of divine aura. She’s known to bring success and treasures to her devotees.



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