The Navratra Saga, Day 6: Katayayani, the demon slayer

By Rishav

The sixth manifestation of Goddess Durga is Mother Katayayani. The name is given because as her legend goes, she was born to a great sage ‘Katayayana’, the descendent of Sage ‘Kaatya’. She was destined to take birth in order to slay a demon, ‘Mahishasur’ and end all the evils which even Gods couldn’t destroy.



Legend: The legend of the great Goddess ‘Katayayani’ goes when she took birth to the sage Katayayan as he was an ardent devotee to Goddess Durga. His sheer penance pleased the Supreme Goddess and she blessed him that he’d father a daughter who will be her incarnation. It was then, a great demon ‘Mahishasur’, who had a boon that he cannot be defeated or killed by any male, started his quest of taking over the heavens from the gods. Lord Indra and his army fought a fierce battle with the demon army of Mahishasur but lost eventually. All the gods, in their anger, went to the trinity and concentrated their anger with the flames which took a female form of Katayayani.


In this version, however, sage Katayayan is the first worshiper of the goddess and hence, she bore the name ‘Katayayani.’ She was given numerous weapons by various Gods and she used all of them to fight against the massive demon army and generals of Mahishasur.


In the end, she slayed the demon Mahishasur by stamping his heart with a trident. Born out of anger and flames, she shines with a massive aura and sheer strength. It is said that all the three worlds shook with her roaring thunder when she descended down to earth.



Depiction: Goddess Katayayani is depicted to have uncountable arms holding equal number of different weapons. She is massively huge in her size and demeanor and as bright as 10,000 suns, owing to The Sun God. When she walked the earth, all the three worlds shook because of her strength. She rides a furious lion who also engages in the destruction of the demon army.
Goddess Katayayani is worshipped and can be easily pleased. She is able to provide everything to her devotees, from money to strength and end all the evil and troubles for them. The sixth manifestation of the Goddess is a famous depiction with an equally engaging legend to connect.


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