The Navratra Saga, Day 3: Chandraghanta, the brave and the pious

By Rishav

The third day of Navratras is dedicated to the commemoration of the Supreme Goddess Durga for her brave and courageous form known to be ‘Chandraghanta’. The goddess Shakti in this form wears a chandra (a crescent moon) on her head which is shaped like a bell (ghanta) and hence the name, Chandraghanta. She is known to end all the wicked and foul, at the same time bringing serenity to her true devotees.


Legend: Her legend goes when after her marriage to Lord Shiva, Parvati started embellishing a crescent moon, just like her husband, in the shape of a bell. It is said that the roaring sound of her bell is enough to terrify demons into the abode of death. There isn’t much documentation to any episode that tells more about her evolving into a form that she’s depicted. Her depiction is what that is documented and signifies to her form. With her posture, she is suggestive of always being ready to go to a war while her expressions are serene and pious. She establishes courage and fearlessness in her devotes and fights all the wickedness and problems away from their lives. She is the source of energy for her devotees to whom she provides calmness and serenity along with bravery and strength to battle any evil.

Depiction: She is depicted to be bright as gold and charming. She appears to be extremely peaceful and pleasant. While her posture represents her to be ever ready to go to a battlefield, yet her expressions are calm and serene. She is embodied with ten hands and three eyes. Five of her hands are richly bejewelled with different weapons, two of her hands are in a blessing position and rest three hold a lotus, ‘rudraksha’ beads and a ‘kamandal’ (water utensil). She rides a tiger depicting her bravery and splendour. She is the very embodiment of serenity. Her devotees develop a divine aura and a calm demeanour. It is also said that those who happen to enjoy divine fragrance and distinct sounds are said to be blessed by her.



This form of goddess is brave and courageous on one part where it ends all the foes and wicked but also compassionate and humble to its devotees on the other part. The third day celebrates the bravery and strength of the Mother Goddess while maintaining her pious and calm.


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