Navratri Special Feature : Meet the moorti seller Lalloo Singh

U4UVoice team met an interesting man who was selling idols of various Goddesses and others. Let us know what he’s upto.


Tell us about you?

My name is Lalloo Singh. I come from Farukhabad, UP.


What brings you to Jammu?

I’ve come here for a while to earn living. I sell statues. I have rented a room for a month more or less.


Do you often roam around many places?

I go around different places selling these idols. “Jahan chahe wahan ghoomte hain.” I have travelled to remote places in Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh other than Jammu.


Where do you get these idols?

I get these from Pathankot where these are made in factories. Then I color them, as I have dye and stuff along with me.


Do you have friends?

We are 5-6 people together to sell idols.




Is this your only occupation?

I do farming also in my village. My family stays there. When the season is not suitable, I roam around from place to place doing whatever work I can pick.


Are you happy with this (citing your the meagre income) ?

Yes. What should I have to bother? I work on my own convenience. I am my own employer. I work as I wish. I don’t have many expenses. Whenever I think I had enough, I go home. Whenever I need change, I roam around and make some money to meet my petty expenses.


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