NC beating its own record of dirty tricks, alleges Baig


Srinagar July 31: Senior leader and former deputy chief minister Muzaffar Hussain Baig today said the ruling National conference has stooped lower even than its own worst level of tricks against its political rivals in the wake of its humiliating defeat in Lok Sabha election. Addressing a large gathering at Naidkhai village of Sonawari constituency which gathered on the occasion of his visit to the residence of a local respectable, Haji Ghulam Mohammad, who had recently suffered an attempt by the ruling party in collusion with some police officers to plant narcotics in his premises, Baig said NC had gone into total desperation following the defeat. Haji, an influential octogenarian and affluent businessman and philanthropist, sometime back left the NC to join PDP and has ever since been on the receiving end of local legislator’s wrath.\

Accompanied by party chief spokesperson, Naeem Akhtar and party candidate from Sonawari, Yasar Reshi, the North Kashmir MP said he saluted the courage of the the people who were waging a bold fight against the tyranny of the NC aided by some police officers who were acting like the ruling party workers. He cautioned such officers who were tarnishing the entire force by their brazenly partisan conduct to desist from such behaviour and along with their political masters to read the writing on the wall.

Baig informed the people that the matter of planting narcotics in the premises of one of the most respectable elders of the area had been brought by him into the notice of the governor who shared his concern about such criminal misuse of official machinery. He said the attempt was aborted through the prompt action of the local people which was designed to tarnish not just one individual but the entire party and expressed the hope that a vigilant people and cadre of of the party would foil any such diabolical attempt in future as well.
Baig said NC had subverted entire governance system to somehow misuse it to stick to power. But it doesn’t realize that by resorting to such tactics it is only adding to the hatred against it. He cited the latest example of a village Gund e Jehangir where government tankers were instructed to provide drinking water only to the supporters of the local NC legislator and deny it to PDP supporters. This he said left more than half the population of the village crying for even a drop of water and led them to protest.

Baig interacted with a large deputation from Gund e Jehangir who informed him as to how they were being denied the drinking water simply for their political preference. Baig told the delegation that he would ensure that the village got a sustainable water supply soon even though the days of NC were to end to the relief of every section of people in the state. He said PDP would carry forward its agenda for good governance, justice and merit ,foundations for which it had laid in its first brief tenure.

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