NC biggest hurdle in relief, rehab process of flood victims: PDP



Srinagar: Stating that the empowerment, development of every community and region will remain the prime focus of his party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) youth president, Waheed-ur-Rehman Parra has said if Jammu and Kashmir has to progress it won’t happen unless every section of society is given due attention.

He also said the National Conference is proving to be the biggest hurdle in the relief and rehabilitation process of the flood victims in the state. “Instead of providing any relief to the victims of last month’s flood fury National Conference politicians are resorting to embezzlement of relief material. This is absolutely shameful on their part. How can one expect them to be serious in the rehabilitation process?” he said while addressing a series of meetings in Gujjar dominated areas of Shopian constituency.

Parra said the economic, educational and social backwardness of the Gujjar community is direct result of the power games, political hypocrisy, greed and dishonesty practiced by the National Conference from last eight decades in the state. “Gujjar community is facing with immense problems, hardships almost on every front. And it is saddening. Nothing has been done to promote their standards of living, education and economic health over the decades. Who other than the National Conference is to be blamed for their backwardness which has always exploited them for its trivial political interests,” Parra said.

The PDP youth president said National Conference leadership, which has always used the Gujjars as their vote bank and audience for their public meetings, never wanted them and other underprivileged class to progress as they fear enlightened people will mean end of their deceitful story. “Fact is that NC never wanted the people to progress as that will not serve their dirty purpose. They always tried to keep the people under their feet to remain in power,” he added.

Parra said the empowerment of the people forms the key element of the PDP’s agenda and the party will fight for it without any compromises. He said PDP has formulated a comprehensive policy for the development of every section of the society and it will be its endeavor to involve every individual in its story of change. “Gujjars like other communities and regions will get a due attention if PDP is voted to power,” he said.

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