NC can regain power in two months

In Jammu and Kashmir, things are pretty unpredictable in the political sphere. Earlier National Conference had shared power with the BJP which was at the centre under Vajpayee’s rule and again when Vaid Vaishno Dutt was the chairman of Jammu Municipal Council.

As has been evident, Mehbooba Mufti does not seem to have any mood of continuing the alliance agenda until and unless Prime Minister gives a green signal to CBMs. That CBMs are not out in the public domain is another glaring issue. There are rumours that some PDP legislators are constantly in contact with National Conference so there is a possibility that NC might come to power.

The BJP has also been trying its best to figure out possibilities for continuing the alliance and simultaneously figuring out the possible ties with NC and other legislators of the Assembly for the new government formation as they are short of 19 seats.

Dr. Farooq Abdullah after a brief hiatus can be seen of the streets of different areas of the state with a motive to gather support of the masses and reviving his party which has not performed so well under Omar Abdullah’s rule.

Earlier last month Dr. Farooq Abdullah was spotted on the streets of Jammu sharing his views and vision with the masses with the intent to develop the lost contact with the general public.

It cannot be denied that during Omar Abdullah’s rule, the financial issues were at the backseat due to his lack of knowledge in the particular sphere which made him rely on his ministers and conditions got worse during his 6 year tenure. In J&K Assembly Elections 2008, National Conference had 28 MLAs whereas in the last Assembly elections , the strength was reduced to 15.

The Jammu and Kashmir state has been ruled by various political parties of the state and country since 1947.

Formerly, National conference was the only party which ruled the state individually and sometimes in coalition with Indian National Congress.

Afterwards, the Indian National Congress (INC) ruled in coalition with National Conference (NC) and with People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

But the recent coalition between the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and BJP was one of a kind and it was unpredictable due to their different ideologies still Mufti Sayeed somehow combined the opposite poles and tried to work for the welfare of the people. During 10 months rule under Mufti Sayeed’s leadership, the coalition did not seem to work neither for the people nor for the two parties.Prior to the PDP-BJP alliance, Omar Abdullah’s government had committed many mistakes owing to which the people of the Valley did not support National Conference.

Now that the grand Mufti is gone and after having had experienced Mehbooba Mufti’s unbending posture, BJP and RSS leaders are going to meet in New Delhi on 10th February in order to discuss the existing political deadlock and to resolve it as soon as possible. The BJP understands that if they do not form a government they may be out again for decades if not for 60 years.

BJP had received such an appreciable support from the people so it is trying hard to rule out any possibility of them losing the power. As per the present scenario, the possibility of coalition government of BJP-NC cannot be ruled out and on the other hand Dr. Farooq Abdullah and his son are putting in their best efforts to bring National conference back on track. We may just see them in power in two months or around if the state is going to see elections again.

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