NC-Cong coalition stands exposed for brazenly looting the State: Mufti


BJP not in a position to form Govt in J&K, says Mufti

Jammu: Lambasting coalition regime for legitimizing corruption in Jammu and Kashmir, patron of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mufti Mohammad Sayeed today Congress and National Conference ministers have brazenly looted the State without caring aspirations and wishes of the people. He said that both Congress and NC have been exposed before the masses for non-performance and the BJP was not in position to form the government in state of J&K.

PDP Rally at arnia 07

“It is writing on the wall that PDP is going to form its own government in J&K because people of Kashmir Valley have already given their mandate to the party”, Mufti said while addressing series of public meetings at Budhal, Darhal, Arnia, Jandyal and Miran Sahib areas of Darhal, Bishnah, Nagrota and RS Pura assembly segments in support of party candidates Choudhary Zulfikar, Faqir Chand Bhagat, Hussain Ali Wafa and Bhushan Dogra.

“Formation of PDP government is inevitable in the state but it is my desire that every region and sub-region would get due share in the government composition”, he said while appealing people to cast their votes in favour of PDP candidates so that their respective areas would also get share in government.

Observing that people of the state have high hopes on PDP because coalition has been exposed before the masses, Mufti assured that his party would address aspirations and wishes of all regions and sub-regions of the State.

Mufti regretted that during the last six years, Jammu and Kashmir State has earned the dubious distinction of being most corrupt State. “Everything was on sale during the last six years”, he said, adding, “it appears that coalition regime have legalized corruption and has created a space within the political system for wrong doing and immunity against mal practices. Mufti said blaming corruption on coalition politics was without logic as there have been good examples of coalition governments providing clean administration which are being admired universally. He said even in Jammu & Kashmir the previous PDP led coalition had scripted a success story in administration in spite of very difficult circumstances.

Mufti said numerous new initiatives had been taken by the previous coalition which has provided foundation for a new political culture and developmental environment.  He said all the regions of the state had for the first time enjoyed political empowerment and participation in governance and decision making. But, unfortunately those initiatives have been wasted as a result of lack of political direction and seriousness in governance.

Similarly, Mufti said on the developmental front it was ensured that all regions and sub regions received their share of funds and that they were utilized properly. He said an effective monitoring system had been put in place to ensure that projects were completed in a given time which produced impressive results.

Mufti said the present government has virtually demolished all anti corruption agencies by initially delaying their constitution and later diluting their jurisdiction.

“Both Congress and National Conference have been exposed for corrupt practices and people have rejected both these parties in four phases of assembly elections”, Mufti asserted and pointed out that decision of Chief Minister Omar Abdullah to abandon Ganderbal Assembly segment was an indication of conceding defeat even before the elections. “How come a Chief Minister, who has failed to nourish even his home constituency, would be able to handle a sensitive state like J&K”, he observed.

Congress and National Conference are rejected by the people so PDP is the only option, he said and asserted that BJP was not in a position to form government in J&K. “People of the country have given a decisive mandate to BJP to perform at national level during Lok Sabha elections”, he said and added that in J&K the people in the on-going elections have made up their mind to give PDP a decisive mandate to perform at State. He further added that PDP during its tenure of just three years had proved how to provide good governance to the people.

“It was only during PDP led regime that residents of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh got the taste of good governance and they were made part of the decision making process”, Mufti said and reminded the gathering that PDP led government had laid foundation of balanced and equitable development in J&K.

“PDP led regime has set an example of good governance and carved out a path of equitable development in the State”, Mufti said, adding “PDP wants to change destiny of the people of J&K and to set up a pro-people corruption free transparent and accountable system”.

“It is my desire to make Jammu and Kashmir an island of peace wherein every individual will get equal opportunities to growth and development”, he said.

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