NC, Congress coalition refusing to see writing on the wall


National-ConferenceNational Conference-Congress leadership seems to be in a denial mode to accept any waves of change flowing in the state.

The leadership doesn’t agree nor does talk about the Modi wave in the country nor do they speak anything about likelihood of PDP winning the Lok Sabha seats in the state.

As far as Congress is concerned it is facing opposition in the whole of the country and its coalition partner NC faces the same situation in the state but the party leadership is not in a mood to accept that people want change both at the centre and the state.

People in the state want change and as per them they have given enough chance to NC or Congress. The voter turnout is also suggesting the same. It is the change that has got voted, experts believe.


It is believed that when large number of people come to exercise vote they prefer to vote against the incumbency and want to get rid of established politicians who have been milking the state for their personal benefits.

Experts believe that if people preferred to vote despite many hurdles it definitely points towards that people have grown tired of status quo and want something new.

It is also believed that since at some places the voting has been good it could mean that people have preferred to vote for the opposition. 

“Why isn’t NC accepting that they have lost the ground is that they know that they are no more but they want to maintain their false reputation and are denying things happening,” says a local at Srinagar.

CJ Imran