NC fortress of public aspirations: Omar reiterates confidence over NC’s thumping victory


Lists achievements of his government
Says NC fortress of public aspirations

Gulabgarh- Working President, National Conference and Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah, Friday reiterated his confidence that people of Jammu and Kashmir would ensure thumping victory to National Conference in the Assembly Elections and pave the way for political stability, inclusive development, peace and prosperity of the State which he added is the corner pillar of the political agenda of National Conference.
In his telephonic address from Srinagar to the grand Election rallies, attended by thousands of peoples at Gulabgarh and Reasi this afternoon, Omar Abdullah said that National Conference is the only political party which strives for unity, solidarity, brotherhood and equitable development of all the regions and sub-regions of the State.
The Working President, National Conference listed the achievements registered in all the development sectors in the State during the last six years of his government.
Omar mentioned the historic measures of his government to empower people, strengthen institutions, curb corruption, make services delivery time bound, hold Panchayat Elections and transfer service of fourteen departments to these institutions besides creating hundreds of new administrative units to fulfill its commitment of taking administration to the doorsteps of the people. He also made reference to the focused attention on employment generation, skill development of youth, upgradation of road communication, power generation, expansion and consolidation of health and school education, growth and development of agriculture and horticulture sectors, youth and women welfare measure as also augmentation of water supply system and entrepreneurship development.
The Chief Minister said that in Reasi and Gulabgarh constituencies road communication schemes worth about Rs.600 crore have been launched in the last about six years besides construction of scores of bridges and water supply schemes costing over one hundred crore.
“Our opponents and detectors of National Conference shut their eyes on the gigantic turn around witnessed by Jammu and Kashmir State in the tenure of my government on both peace and development front”, Omar said and added that the highest turnout of voters in the first phase of Assembly Elections in the State in the peaceful atmosphere goes to the credit of National Conference led Government which steered the State out of the situation of fear, confusion and hatred that was created in 2008 putting people of Kashmir and Jammu at draggers-drawn for political interests by some political parties.
The Working President, National Conference criticized the Congress party for shifting blames on National Conference and said that the assertions of its leadership in this regard are baseless and hold no water. “Infact I risked my Government to get new administrative units created as the Congress vehemently opposed the proposal moved by me in this regard in the cabinet thrice”, he said and added that Congress now wants to take all the credit for this historic achievement for alone.
Omar Abdullah cautioned the people against divisive forces, propagandists elements and asked them to reject these forces in the Assembly Elections to safeguard State’s pluralistic ethos, communal harmony and solidarity.
The Chief Minister in his telephonic address which is first of its kind in the State so far, Omar Abdullah appealed the voters of Gulabgarh and Reasi to vote for National Conference candidates Abdul Gani Malik and Jagjeevan Lal. He highlighted the services of these candidates to the people and said that their success in the Assembly Elections will be the success of the people.


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