NC lawmakers move to Assembly against beef ban bill

Srinagar, September 18: Amid row over ban on sale of beef in J&K, three senior legislators of the opposition party National Conference submitted a bill in the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday for the forthcoming session .The Bill seeks abolishment of the constitutional provisions criminalizing bovine slaughter in the State which is omission of Sections 298-A, 298-B, 298-C and 298-D of the Ranbir Penal Code (RPC).

As per spokesperson of National Conference, the three party leaders and legislators who submitted the bill in the Assembly Secretariat were Ali Mohammad Sagar, Mohammad Akbar Lone and Mian Altaf Ahmed. According to the bill, ban on sale of beef in the state is the violation of the fundamental rights guaranteed to the citizens under the Constitution.

“In Ranbir Penal Code, Samvat, 1989 the Sections, 298-A, 298-B, 298-C and 298-D shall be omitted… and in the Code of Criminal Procedures Samvat, 1989, the entries relating to Section-A, B, C and D of the Ranbir Penal Code Samvat 1989 shall be omitted,” reads the bill submitted by the NC legislators.

Senior NC leader, Ali Mohammad Sagar also said that, ” The State can neither force any person to follow a particular line nor can government interfere in anybody’s religion. We have sought amendment in the law for revoking the ban.”

The party general secretary said that the government has already been asked to bring in an ordinance ahead of Eid-ul-Zuha to amend the relevant Sections of the RPC so that people are not arrested and harassed while performing the ritual Eid sacrifices in the state.

An official in the Assembly secretariat confirmed they have received the bill from National Conference.

The issue of ban on sale of beef is likely to dominate the proceedings during the upcoming autumn session of the State Legislature.

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