NC patron Farooq Abdullah springs a surprise, offers support to BJP for Govt formation

Farooq 3Asserting that National Conference was the only solution to all the problems in Jammu and Kashmir, former J&K chief minister Farooq Abdullah sprung a surprise when he said that his party was ready to form an alliance with BJP if an offer comes from the saffron party. His offer to form an alliance is likely to change the political dynamic in Kashmir which till now was loaded in favour of PDP as NC had refused to side with the BJP.

Farooq however said that if an offer comes from BJP his party will call a working committee meeting, and debate upon government formation as the doors are not closed. While his son Omar Abdullah has shown reluctance to fish in troubled waters but Farooq known to be a mercurial and but an astute reader of situation seems to be ready to take advantage of the confusion which is prevailing in the state after PDP delayed government formation.

J&K assembly has 87 members in which BJP has 25 MLAs and NC has 14 members. If they decide to come together than they will need the support of another 8 members to form the government. Farooq Abdullah also opined that PDP had led to uncertainty in the state which was not good for governance and development.

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