NC, PDP ruined Kashmir, lotus will bloom in Valley: Shahnawaz


SRINAGAR: Senior Bhartiya Janta Party leader and spokesman, Shahnawaz Hussain, today said that National

Conference (NC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have ruined Kashmir and now lotus bloom here.

Addressing a press conference in Srinagar he said that Kashmir like rest of the country will see development.

“Kamal(Lotus) will decorate J&K in coming elections, regional parties like NC and PDP ruined Kashmir. This election will bring peace, development and prosperity to whole nation including Kashmir.”

Hussain said that BJP is committed for working for the betterment of the poor. “We will work for poor people and their livelihood, we will provide Health Schemes for poor people”, he said.

The BJP leader said that his party will get absolute majority in the forthcoming elections. “We will win with full majority in upcoming elections and those who criticize Modi and BJP are scared of us and we will win with big margin of 400+ seats”, he said.

Earlier while speaking to reporters in South Kashmir on the sidelines of a BJP rally Shahnawaz Hussain said that the party enjoys lot of support in Kashmir. “Large numbers of people are supporting us here. We have conducted 10 times more meeting than Mehbooba Mufti”, he said.

The BJP leader said that people in Kashmir are voting to elect Modi as PM. “Here neither NC nor PDP is in the race for Prime Ministership, Narendra Modi has to become next Prime Minister. People are voting here in Kashmir to elect Narender Modi as Prime Minister and lotus is blooming here”, he said.

Hussain said that BJP will work for the development of Kashmir. “The people in Kashmir are living in the heart of Narender Modi. Whatever is to be done for the youth of Jammu and Kashmir will be done. We will work for the development of the State and Governor of the State is doing excellent work here”, he said.

While avoiding a question in restrictions on movement of civilian traffic, the BJP leader said: “Some measures have been taken after Pulwama attack. We have isolated Pakistan in the world and we will further isolate it. Pakistan has no money and how can feed terrorists. The ISI and Pakistan army have no money to feed themselves and they are misguiding youth of Kashmir. The Muslims in India are feeling safe and you should also join Modiji and you won’t face any problem”.

Avoiding question on Article 35A, the BJP leader said party want peace and prosperity for the State.

“Article 35A is in Court and it is our duty to work for the prosperity of the people of Kashmir. The discussion on the Article will continue but the prosperity and development of this place is important and we want pen in the hands of the youth of the place and some people are holding guns in their hands and we want to give pens to them”, he said.

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