NC spokesperson Junaid Mattu to hold a beef party

Srinagar, October 21: “Was never a big beef eater, nor am I overly religious or moralistic. But now I will host a beef party just to assert my rights and free will,” said Junaid Mattu on Tuesday, the National Conference Spokesperson while clarifying his stand on the recent controversy that has set the state on fire.

Junaid took the help of a social networking site Twitter to express his wish to hold a beef party and called it an attempt “as an individual protecting his rights”.

Although the reports were provided in the local edition of a leading national daily but the tweet has been removed from Junaid’s twitter handle. Pertinently, if there does happen a beef party in Kashmir, Junaid will become second mainstream politician to do so and that might worsen the situation of the beef ban controversy in the state.

The controversy has already divided the state communally and has become the reason of death of one person. Holding a beef party at such point and time will be more like providing oxygen to the fire. Earlier this month, a similar party was hosted by an Independent legislator Engineer Rashid, which led to a brawl in the state.