NC to boycott all party meet to be held tomorrow

Srinagar, July 20:  It is extremely unfortunate that although the CM saw it fit to call a meeting of civil society in Srinagar within days of protests breaking out, it has taken almost two weeks to call a meeting of all political parties. In the meantime the number of dead and injured has continued to rise. It would have been better if the Chief Minister had responded to our party leadership’s offer of support earlier instead of waiting for the suffering and misery of the people to reach this level.
Successive statements from various high level functionaries of the ruling coalition especially the PDP have not only added to the confusion but have significantly weakened the institution and office of the Chief Minister. Confusion about how much the Chief Miniser knew regarding the Burhan encounter is one such example. Similarly the ascertion by one of the PDP. Member’s of Parliament crediting the Prime Minister with reducing excessive use of force further weakened the image of the Chief Minister who is seen as a mute spectator, immune to the bloodshed and suffereing. To make matters worse the same Hon’ble MP has repeatedly asserted the Burhan Wani was unlawfully killed by sections of J&K Police to discredit the state’s Chief Minister. This leads one to conclude that Ms Mufti Sahiba does not even command the loyalty of her police force, much less the loyalty of the people.
Finally the total mis-handling of the Press by first enforcing a ban and raiding offices of news papers, seizing plates and newspapers which was justified by the Senior Minister and Spokesperson of the Government in turn contradicted more than 72 hours later by the Advisor to the Chief Minister leads us to conclude that there is no effective leadership in the State government at present.
Until such time a credible, effective and humane leadership is re-established in the state this All Party Meeting will prove to be a meaningless exercise.
In the meanwhile J&K National Conference has already submitted a detailed Memorandum to the Hon’ble Governor wherein steps to ease the tension have been mentioned.
NC boycott all party meet Letter
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