NC will not allow trifurcation of JK: Rana


Jammu: Opposition National Conference said today it will not allow “some forces” to succeed in their “nefarious designs” to trifurcate Jammu and Kashmir, as the party pitched for autonomy of the three regions of the state.

“We proposed greater autonomy as a road-map for a solution to the Kashmir imbroglio and regional autonomy for Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh. While the greater autonomy document is alive with Centre, the regional autonomy report prepared by Balraj Puri committee in 1996 is lying with the state government,” said Devender Singh Rana, National Conference’s (NC) provincial president.

“We understand that in the prevailing situation, the model of regional autonomy should be implemented forthwith which will pave way for political and economic empowerment of the people of all the three regions of the state,” Rana told reporters here.

He said people of all the three regions were of the opinion that they were being discriminated and disempowered and were not getting equal rights.

Rana alleged that the development in the state since the formation of the PDP-BJP government had relegated to almost zero because of the “governance deficit”.

“There is no governance in the state. This (regional autonomy) is the model which we feel is a way forward,” Rana said, adding he had recently discussed the concept with visiting Home Minister Rajnath Singh and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh-led policy and planning group of Congress.

He said National Conference stands on its demand for restoration of greater autonomy of the state within the Constitution of India.

“This is the only document passed by the state legislature in 2000 and is alive with the centre though kept in cold storage. The government should study the document and if there is any better solution than the proposed autonomy, we are ready to accept it if it is acceptable to all the stakeholders in the state,” he said.

Without identifying anyone but apparently referring to right wing groups, the NC leader said “some forces in Jammu and Kashmir want trifurcation of the state”.

“National Conference has always worked and upheld the unity of the state and strongly believes in unity in diversity. Jammu and Kashmir is like a bouquet with different flowers and should be maintained like that,” he said, adding that his party will not allow trifurcation of the state.

“The forces are highlighting discrimination to raise passions and National Conference believes that implementation of regional autonomy will defeat the nefarious designs of such people,” he said, adding regional autonomy would address the aspirations of the people of all the three regions collectively and separately.

He also talked about sub-regional aspirations and said administrative units like Leh and Kargil autonomous hill development councils should be created in all the districts for overall development of the state.

“The single administration concept of NC founder Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah should be strengthened to take the state to new heights of development,” he said.

Reiterating his party’s stand on Article 35A of the Constitution, Rana said “we will fight for every state subject of the state, irrespective of creed, colour, cast and religion”.

Describing the refugees who have come from Pakistan- occupied Kashmir as the “state subjects” of the state, Rana said Omar Abdullah led National Conference government had submitted a proposal of Rs 9,025 crore package for their one- time settlement.

“This government (NDA) announced a package of Rs 2,000 crore but it is not being implemented. The time will come when we get the package we have conceived because this government is at its last legs and rejected by the people,” he said.

On the issue of Rohingya, he said they are foreign nationals and his party would not intervene if the Centre deports them from here.

“They were settled here by Congress led government and if the NDA led government at the Centre wants them to deport, we will not intervene and will support any decision on them,” he said.

However, we will fight for the rights of every state subject and Rohingyas are not the state subjects of the state, he added.

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